The Bray Law Firm, LLC

About Us

We see the practice of law as being about building bridges.  Using law and language as our tools, we help our clients discover and capitalize upon the synergies between their innovative financial products and services, and the unique needs and expectations of the Hispanic community.  We call the cornerstones of this Philosophy our "Five Fundamentals."


Focus - We practice only in the areas of law which affect the providers and users of financial services.  We find that this allows us to take on a greater volume of work for a more select group of clients, which enhances our efficiency and effectiveness, and fosters the personal working relationships necessary to better understand and service our clients.


Flexibility - We understand how the financial industry works, integrating our work product and our people into our clients' teams through the use of technology and creative working arrangements.  We also work with our clients to create fee and administrative structures that complement their business practices.  For example, given a sufficient volume of work and experience with a client, we have historically been able to construct alternate fee arrangements encompassing both flat fees and performance metrics other than the billable hour.


Foresight - We know the United States is changing and increasingly embracing its Hispanic population and, as a result, the Spanish language as well.  The financial services industry is at the forefront of this trend.  Accordingly, many of the services we perform require a sophisticated understanding of both the Spanish and English languages as well as the needs of the Hispanic community.  That being said, the law and common sense do not always dictate the use of both languages to accomplish our clients' objectives and we are judicious in knowing when it is appropriate to use either, or both.


Family - In the Hispanic tradition, we consider our clients to be part of our extended family.  Like family, their needs and concerns become ours as well.  Often times, these needs cannot be met on a 9 to 5 schedule or by a quick phone call or email.  Our commitment is to be there for our clients when and where they need us.  We endeavor to take the time, in person as often as is practicable and cost-effective, to truly understand our clients' businesses, to explain the services we provide and to balance the legal and business concerns involved so as to provide effective and efficient counsel. 


Fairness - Our goal is to be fair to all whose path we cross, especially to our clients, but also to those with whom we interact in the zealous pursuit of our clients' interests.  It is our experience that fairness is the foundation of credibility, without which no meaningful business or legal relationship can be established.  Fairness encompasses diligence, efficiency, and most importantly, mutual understanding and respect.